With the EOR service you can employ, tax and pay your employees in Sweden in a simple and customised for you way.

Employer of Record service

EOR is a form of remote employee management. The employee formally falls under the jurisdiction of another company, which is obliged to complete all formalities related to employment, immigration and payroll. In this way, entrepreneurs gain not only a legally employed employee, but also the full assistance of experts who will take care of: Thanks to the monthly subscription, you gain well-functioning staff and the knowledge and experience of professionals who are well acquainted with the legal regulations governing foreign markets.

Skilful human resources management allows entrepreneurs to save time and money. By entrusting administration to an experienced entity, you can limit the business risks associated with conquering markets in other countries. The EOR entity ensures the proper functioning of the management system, but does not have any managerial role with respect to work positions. You alone make the decisions regarding work positions.

Time is a key element in developing business in a foreign market, so it is worth taking advantage of solutions that allow you to save it and at the same time relieve your budget. Planning the globalization of your company is a complex project, but not everything has to be on your head. Uniqorm employees are professionals who will take care of all the procedures and official matters in Sweden. This way you can focus your attention on other aspects that are important for the fast and secure expansion of your company.

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Uniqorm is a company whose extensive structures have an international reach. Sweden is one of the markets we have got to know well in more than 20 years of business. We have highly qualified personnel, experience and knowledge, which have been appreciated by entrepreneurs in many countries. With our help, your employees will be provided with:
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Uniqorm will help you accelerate the growth of your business. How? With the EOR service, you don't have to build new legal structures in Sweden, so you can get started right away. This way you save time and money. When you work with us, you get support from experienced professionals who know how to navigate the Swedish bureaucracy.

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